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La version 12.0 est actuellement valide.

Veuillez noter que nous avions besoin de mettre à jour certains de nos prix d'essai à partir du 1er avril 2019. Si vous avez des kits de test plus anciens, veuillez nous contacter. Nous vous enverrons alors la nouvelle liste de prix.
Tous les kits de test reçus dans notre laboratoire après le 1er juin 2019 qui contiennent des versions plus anciennes (11.1,11.0,10.0,...), doivent être facturés avec les nouveaux prix.
Merci de votre compréhension.

We are not offering the LymeSpot test, because there is no validation or any study for the "revised" LymeSpot. In our opinion it is an experimental test without actual data and validation behind.
Also, we are not sure, if just Interleukin 2 will really give an absolute answer for "yes" or "no" for treatment (easily called "red-green"). We received the information from several scientific experts of the cytokines, that also Interleukin 1, Interleukin 4, Interleukin 6, Interleukin 10 and espicially Interleukin 8 play a very important role in the activity of infections in general. So for scientific purpose the "revised" LymeSpotTest might give an additional information, but not in routine laboratory use. It might be also very dangerous for patients to say:" Green sign = treatment and Red sign and Red/Green = Dont know, what to do or no treatment".
Laboratory medicine is not that easy.
Therefore we have decided to wait for the validation and first study (which is still running according the test-producers) of this test.
We will continue to use the established Elispot like all other big laboratories in Germany. Our belief is not to change to an experimental test system until it is validated and supported by scientific data.
Nevertheless, we have spoken with the test-producer from the LymeSpot and decided not to offer it as a routine test for patients and doctors, until the data of this test will be published.
We have to be very careful in not overinterpreting such experimental test-systems, because chronic Lyme is also a "political" thing and we do not think it is really the fact, that Interleukin 2 will tell us the answer for each patient by an easy "red-green light-system.

Meanwhile, here is the statement of a cytokines specialized Professor about this test system:
„Armin, I totally agree. IL-2 is not a good parameter by itself. I am working on a paper with Elispot+ versus - and cytokines."


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