New Book on the Diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis

Part on "Adaptive Immune Response Investigation in Lyme Borreliosis" by the authors Mihail Pruteanu, Armin Schwarzbach & Markus Berger from ArminLabs.

"The EliSpot Lyme assay can be used to study the T cell response elicited by Borrelia infections, which bridges the gap between the ability to detect humoral immunity and cellular immunity in Lyme disease. In addition, detecting cellular immunity may be a helpful laboratory diagnostic test for Lyme disease, especially for seronegative Lyme patients. Since serodiagnostic methods of the Borrelia infection frequently provide false positive and negative results, this T cell-based diagnostic test (cellular assay) may help in confirming a Lyme diagnosis. Many clinical laboratories are convinced that the cellular assay is superior to the Western Blot assay in terms of sensitivity for detecting the underlying Borrelia infection."