The New SeraSpot for Lyme

New retrospective study confirming the Lyme SeraSpot as a reliable and robust test system!
Replaces the Immunoblot at ArminLabs as it:

  • uses the modern, sensitive MicroArray-technique
  • offers a better standardisation and more controls in comparison to the immunoblot

ArminLabs have decided to leave the way of the former Immunoblot/Westernblot for Borrelia burgdorferi-IgG/IgM-antibodies by the modern and standardized SeraSpot MicroArray system from Seramun Diagnostika, Germany

The SeraSpot MicroArray for Borrelia burgdoferi antibodies combines the standardized and robust Microtiter-plate technique with the Microarray analysis in one single microwell. Parameters comprise Borrelia burgdorferi antigens printed in nanoliter scale in array arrangement on the bottom of the wells.

The SeraSpot MicroArray analyzes the following Borrelia burgdorferi IgG- and IgM-antibodies and Borrelia burgdorferi subspecies:
VlsE (B.b. afzelii), p39 (B.b. afzelii), p58 (B.b. garinii), p100 (B.b. afzelii), OspC (B.b. afzelii + B.b. garinii + B.b. sensu stricto), DbpA (B.b. afzelii + B.b. garinii + B.b. sensu stricto).

Because of the known standardization problems of Borrelia-Immunoblot/Westernblot we will from now on use the standardized SeraSpot MicroArray instead of former Immunoblot/Westernblot technique.

Nevertheless, negative results of antibodies by the modern and standardized SeraSpot Microarray technique cannot exclude Borrelia antibodies in chronic infections. The sensitivity („false negatives“) of the modern SeraSpot MicroArray is comparable to the former Borrelia Immunoblot/Westernblot for antibodies.

Therefore, we recommend the following complementary test methods for each patient with suspicion of chronic Lyme disease as well:
Borrelia EliSpot (actual T-cellular activity)
CD3-/CD57+ cell count (chronic T-cellular activity)

Best wishes from,
Your ArminLabs-Team

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