News for 2016 - Important Improvements

  • introducing the new HSV 1/2 EliSpot
  • HHV6 antibodies and varizella-zoster virus antibodies now available in our laboratory
  • coxsackie virus antibodies: now differentiating the subtypes A7 & B1

Dear colleague,
The New Year 2016 will bring us some important improvements we want to share with you.
As we always attempt to offer the most up-to-date state of innovative laboratory diagnostics, we are going to be able to test for HHV6 antibodies and varizella-zoster virus antibodies in our laboratory. This ensures the sender shorter processing times and faster results.
Moreover, we offer the EliSpot for herpes simplex virus 1/2. It provides important information about the activity of the T cells against HSV 1/2.
Apart from that, as far as the coxsackie virus antibodies are concerned, we are going to give a better interpretation of the results without any additional charges for the patient.
From now on, we are going to state the subspecies of coxsackie subtype A7 and coxsackie subtype B1 next to the IgG and IgA results on the report.
A chart of the clinical correlations of coxsackie A7 and B1 can be found as a Download below.

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