Clinical Mitochondrial- and Environmental Medicine 2018

In March 2018 we are going to offer our next trainig of the clinical Mitochondrial- and Environmental Medicine, again in Heidelberg, Germany. The Curriculum is going into the seventh year now!

Our training addresses doctors, dentists, pharmacists, alternative practitioners and natural scientists and is acknowledged as medical training by the German medical association. German participants can obtain 18 training points per weekend , in total for the German curriculum 72 points.

Renowned lecturers from medical research and speakers of practical medical experience present and discuss recent findings, diagnostic methods and possible therapies with help of practical and real life examples.

The training is an event series which can only be booked as a whole. Single courses cannot be booked.

Dates for the German Curriculum 2018

Course A 02. - 03. March Friday: 09.00 bis 18.30 – Saturday: 9.00 bis 18.30
Course B 13. - 14. April Friday: 09.00 bis 18.30 – Saturday: 9.00 bis 18.30
Course C 14. - 15. Sept. Friday: 09.00 bis 18.30 – Saturday: 9.00 bis 18.30
Course D 12. - 13. October Friday: 09.00 bis 18.30 – Saturday: 9.00 bis 18.30

Content of the trainings are lectures and practical exmples and experiences on:

  • Basic and fundamental knowledge of Mitochondria Medicine
  • Current research findings
  • Diagnostic methods and treatment methods in Mitochondria Medicine
    discussed and illustrated in conjunction with e.g. environmental medicine, environmental dental medicine, gynecology , cardiologiy and psychotherapie.

In this curriculum we offer direct contact and scientific exchange with our experts. Experts as for example Prof. Bischoff, Dr. Bieger, Dr. Banzhaf, and Prof. M.Pall. Complimentary to the theoretical learnings we offer practical trainee days in the BioMedical Center in Speyer, Germany. The BioMedical Center is specialized on regenerative mitochondria medicine.

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