Welcome to our Laboratory

ArminLabs is a laboratory specialized in diagnosing infections.
We offer diagnostic services for doctors, naturopaths and patients from allover the world.

Our FAQ page is now online

We will answer the most frequent questions our team is asked by practitioners and patients. Step by step these will be expanded by webinar videos and other instructional videos.

How to ship your testkit to ArminLabs with UPS

Please contact us to order a testkit for the blooddraw.
After you've received the testkit we recommend using the internet-based UPS platform www.ups.com to order a UPS pickup.
If your testkit does not contain a UPS Shipment Waybill, please contact us some days before getting your blood drawn. In this case we will create your UPS Shipment Waybill and email it back, so that you can print it.

Biedt nu de nieuwe HSV 1/2 EliSpot

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1/2 infecties zijn geassocieerd met CVS, de ziekte van Alzheimer en immuun-onderdrukking door bacteriën zoals Borrelia burgdorferi.
De nieuwe HSV 1/2-EliSpot met het HSV 1/2-IgG / IgA / IgM-antilichamen vullen
elkaar in de diagnose van HSV 1/2-infecties aan.
(indien nog niet opgenomen in het bestelformulier schrijf "HSV 1/2 ELISPOT" in de lege doos aan de onderkant van de Order-Box)